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August 28, 2019

Books grow on trees

Books grow on trees
Well of course, that is where they come from, but in Arcturus Bookshop the tree is inside the shop itself!

Constructed by a local artisan, the shelves and silverbirch, centrepiece to the shop, really embraces the grass roots and “earth” connections that pervades the topics contained on the bookshelves. There is indeed “heavenly” thoughts deep in spiritual “flights of fancy” but the organic beliefs for a new and better world are contained within many of the texts.

The shop has books that will change you internally and with that create external changes. There will be topics that can make fundamental changes in your thinking. They could challenge your existing thoughts and learnt behaviour. They could also give you ways of looking at yourself and the world which are new to you. There is also the potential of a fundamental shift in your belief structure. And, there may well be new thoughts not known by your parents which you will be able to discover for yourself.

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